Rebate deals between manufacturers and distributors were created to help incentivise the sale of products providing benefit to both parties. Over the years, these deals have grown to become more complex, difficult to track and understand. The large number and complexity of agreement types, the variety of scenarios from different vendors, missing data, changing agreements and tight margins, all mean that rebate contract management can be problematic for financial, procurement, and buying departments.

Rebate programmes may vary greatly between suppliers; each contract may have a number of rebate elements, such as: product-specific incentives, overall growth incentives, margin maintenance, marketing support, specific promotions, and so on.

As a result of the integrated nature of the deal economy and the complexity of trading partner relationships, the management of rebate contracts must be more effective than ever. In this session, hear from our Product Strategist Neil Jenkins on how to handle these deals and ensure they remain a useful tool.

During this 30 minute session, we will also discuss:

  • The types of deals with complexity 
  • Problems that complex deals cause
  • How automation changes the process of deal management 
  • Tips to automate and reduce the risk
  • When to consider automation