When it comes to rebates there are two sides of the story: those that pay out rebate and those that collect rebate from their trading partners. While much information is available about supplier rebates and the ways in which suppliers can claim as much of their rebates as they are entitled to, there is less information on customer rebates. 

B2B customer rebates are how large companies (like manufacturers) incentivise their customers, or vendors (typically those who sell to multiple groups of people, such as chain stores, buying  consortia, distributors etc.) to sell specific products within a specific time. Common deals used to increase vendor sales include marketing development funds (MDFs), volume rebates, market-specific pricing funds or special pricing allowances (SPAs), and co-op funds. 

When used effectively, customer rebates can help create, track and manage more profitable deals in order to gain more sales, more consistently, while improving customer relationships.

In this session we focus on how rebates impact manufacturers and how these deals could be used effectively in the future. 

During this 30 minute session, we will discuss:

  • Why manufacturers offer rebates
  • The challenges manufacturers face
  • The options for rebate management
  • Why manufacturers might consider a rebate management system