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December 2019 webinar recording 

Beyond the obvious benefits of rebate management for finance teams, who else benefits from rebate management software? The answer is: commercial teams. Rebate management systems can improve relationships across businesses as well as with suppliers, manufacturers and trading partners, help set up deals more accurately, and even help improve negotiations over time.

This short webinar talks about how to leverage the tools available to your commercial teams to make better benefits.

Tracking deals, getting rid of filing cabinets and spreadsheets, and interpreting data

Rebate management software helps manufacturers, distributors and retailers track cash flow and reduce risk in their trading agreements. By tracking rebate accuracy and putting all rebate-related data in one place not only is it possible to get rid of filing cabinets full of untracked deals and say farewell to complex spreadsheets: it’s actually possible to improve rebate accuracy, track deals in progress, pay out or claim rebates and make rebate-related predictions over time.

A rebate management system can even be a remarkably helpful tool for helping you negotiate the best deal, recording what both parties have agreed to, and storing the final version of that deal.

About the webinar

Join Neil Jenkins, Product Manager of DealTrack at Enable, and Lauren Sidhu, Business Development Manager, as they talk about what is involved in making better deals, from your commercial team’s perspective.

Some of the benefits of a rebate management system for commercial managers include:

  • Being able to automatically calculate what the consequences of those deals are: so you know what rebate you’re owed or what rebate you need to pay out.
  • Being able to track any and all rebate-related information within one system: with any and all relevant documentation attached to the finalised agreements.
  • Being able to see a particular agreement with trading partners, know all of its history and all of its consequences, and provide this information to relevant parties – internally and externally.

Watch the webinar to find out:

  • How to track and ensure that all deals, and all elements of deals are communicated clearly across all teams;
  • What tools can support your business generally, and the commercial team, specifically; and
  • How deal management software can even help you with future negotiations.