Does better data give you better deals?

The level at which rebates are reported varies from business to business. Some businesses calculate rebates at an aggregated level, whereas others may go down to product line information.  This may depend on what data is being used for example if the data comes from suppliers, only aggregated data may be provided. In other cases businesses may have line level information, but that data is stored in other business systems which is either not accessible or not used. 

In this session we look at what we mean by granularity in complex rebate deals, analyze the impact of using more granular data in businesses and look at how granularity could be used as part of a long term business strategy. 

During this 30 minute session, we will discuss:

  • Different types of complex rebate deals 
  • Impact of complex deals on businesses 
  • Defining granularity
  • How granularity impacts complex rebate deals 
  • Considerations for future business planning