Historically, rebates have been an important incentive in negotiations between manufacturers and distributors in the building materials industry. Today, rebates continue to be a fundamental component for many of these businesses, for example distributors, as they may account for the majority of the company's gross profit. For manufacturers, rebates are often key to their marketing strategy and for rewarding high performing customers.

Over time, some of these rebates have become more complicated due to the sheer volume of deals or the deal mechanisms used. However, rebates continue to serve their purpose in the industry because of the benefits these B2B deals can offer.

In this session we explore the first steps your business could take to increasing growth and profitability with rebates, as well as where the real opportunity is to grow your business in the long term. 

During this 30 minute session, we will discuss:

  • Looking at complex B2B deals: rebates 
  • Why complex rebates deals are prevalent in the building materials industry
  • How complex rebate deals impact profit
  • Strategies for driving growth and profitability