In larger businesses, deal creation and execution is a joint team effort. Different departments across the business are involved in negotiating contracts with trading partners, putting those contracts into place and monitoring them, as well as assessing how well the deal performed. Each of these jobs pays a pivotal role in the performance of a deal. 

In previous webinars we have paid particular focus to finance teams and the challenges they may face with managing deals, specifically rebates. However, we know that this is only a slice of the puzzle! So, in this session we focus on commercial teams and their impact on deal creation and management.   

The session includes guidance from Neil Jenkins, Enable's Product Manager, who has experience in supporting our clients' commercial teams.  

During this 30 minute session, we will discuss:

  • Which areas of the business are involved in deals
  • Analyse the relationships between different areas of the business
  • Explore tools in the market to improve team performance
  • Discover how these tools can support commercial teams