pig-webinarJuly 2019 webinar recording

Most businesses have a process in place for forecasting for the future. This may be an informal process — an individual estimates uses their experience, or there could be a more formal process using tools such as Excel or another software tool. Either way, these figures may be published, or used by other parts of the business for guidance and planning. As a result, the consequence of getting these figures wrong can come at a high cost. 

Hear from one of our business analysts about the impact of different forecasting processes and how these can be improved — creating greater confidence throughout the business.

During this 30 minute session, we will discuss:

  • Why are forecasts important to different areas of the business?
  • Forecasting risks for businesses (and how to mitigate them)
  • 3 steps to a clearer forecasting methodology
  • Using systems such as Excel vs. forecasting system

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