webinar-2019-06-largeJune 2019 webinar recording

The complexity of how rebates are calculated is not easily manageable in manual systems. Spreadsheets get too complicated, too full of data, or too unwieldy behind the scenes, and the ability to use them grows all out of proportion — leaving rebate accounting teams feeling like they're fighting blindfolded.

Hear first-hand how DealTrack is helping customers calculate, accrue, collect and manage rebates — giving their finance team greater certainty and helping them keep information on trading agreements accurate and up-to-date at all times.

In our 30 minute recording, Enable's rebate accounting experts discuss:

  • Why spreadsheets are so popular
  • Why manual systems are so dangerous when it comes to rebate accounting
  • How you know you're running into trouble 
  • A checklist when looking for a rebate management system

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