October 2019 webinar recording 

Rebates are commonplace in the building materials industry – but they’re not always well understood or well executed.

In this webinar Andy James, Chief Product Officer at Enable, talks about the challenges commonly facing the building materials industry when it comes to both supplier rebates and customer rebates, and how these issues can be resolved using a combination of strategies and tools to manage rebates more effectively.

This webinar addresses points like:

  • What is a rebate?
  • Common terms used in the industry
    • Including: supplier rebates, customer rebates, commercial income, MDFs, Co-op funds, SPAs, claimbacks and more…
  • The typical challenges with rebates
    • Such as disputes, discrepancies and reduced operational efficiency.
  • The software that is available
    • To automate calculations and align transactional data to improve clarity, workflows and auditing of deals and rebates.
  • The next steps companies should take
    • To improve collaboration, and therefore profitability.

Since many distributors, and possibly retailers, are operating at zero margin or a loss until they receive their rebates receivable, it makes sense for manufacturers and distributors to collaborate in order to win more business and drive mutually-beneficial growth and profitability – but how does this happen quickly, and efficiently?

In this webinar you’ll discover how to:

  • Overcome the risks associated with complex B2B
  • Improve the trading relationship between manufacturers and distributors
  • Reduce disputes and discrepancies
  • Build trust and
  • Drive growth and profitability.

In less than 22 minutes, we share a two-step process that enables true collaboration between trading partners so manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the building materials industry can spend less time being frustrated with rebates and more time on bringing great products to market, serving customers and driving growth and profitability.

When complex B2B deal management software is in place, great things happen:

  • Operational efficiency goes up.
  • Mistrust and suspicion goes down.
  • The focus on achieving business goals is improved.
  • The risk of discrepancy and financial compliance is reduced.
  • Team motivation is increased.

Watch the webinar to discover how to take the friction out of B2B deals in the building industry through a combination of people with a real commitment and the right software.