July 2020 product webinar recording 

Managing rebates in spreadsheets is inherently risky because:

- Data can be lost easily: data can be overwritten, formulae can be lost or not copied correctly. Hidden rows, complex formulae and pasting errors all contribute to this.

- It is difficult to collaborate: having multiple people use a spreadsheet at the same time is difficult. Edits can be lost, or people need to be told to "save and quit" from the spreadsheet.

- Spreadsheets get too big or too complicated: although spreadsheets start off simply, soon they swell in size with the amount of data, or the complexity of the deals.

- Vulnerable to staff turnover: usually managed by one person with intimate knowledge of the spreadsheet. Bringing other people up to speed is difficult and risky if the employee leaves suddenly.

- No versioning: If deals change, or data needs to be re-uploaded it means creating multiple versions of the spreadsheet. Keeping this in sync is impossible. No audit trail of what has changed.

- Difficult to decipher: How can you guarantee the accuracy of the results without constantly checking all of the formulae are in tact and the data is there? Likelihood to miss rebates or cause issues with supplier.

- No security: how is access to the spreadsheets managed? Who can access these spreadsheets?

Moving to a rebate management system provides dependability, security, and traceability.

During this 30 minute session, we will show you:

  • Demo of our deal management software
  • Risks of spreadsheets
  • Q&A